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Montalbano Plumbers is the trusted choice for hundreds of Strata Corporations across the Lower Mainland. Our team understands the needs of Strata Corporations with fast response times, centralized billing & quality work.

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When dealing with heat in a building Montalbano Plumbing Services Ltd. will be there to ensure you are warm and toasty when you need it and cool and comfy when you don't.


Montalbano Plumbing Services Ltd. services all your buildings heating needs. Feel confidant that your building furnace and boilers will be maintained and repaired as required to keep the heat optimal continuously.

Fast Response Times

Our team is fast responding to emergency calls and guarantees priority for Strata Corporations.

Family Owned & Operated

Heating is important. Montalbano Plumbing Services Ltd. wants to ensure you as a Strata Corporation feel confident that making a call to us will get you the service and response you need to make the heat in your building sufficient for your residents.

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